Theory Test Training

Theory Test Training

Do you need help with your theory test? Did you know that the official statistics for the DVSA show that less than 50 % of people would pass their theory test? Here at Pass At Once, we offer online theory test training that has everything you need to ensure you pass your driving theory test. We know how hard it can be to revise for your theory test, so why not try our simple online training to guide you towards passing your test. Passing the theory test means you are one step closer to gaining a full UK driving licence. Also, with the driving licence you would earn independence, confidence, and better work prospects. This online test training is for everyone, as you can do it from the comfort of your own home on any device. In this article I will explain how to get access and how it will help prepare you for your test.

To get enrolled, contact our office directly and a helpful member of staff will take your details and email address. You will have direct access to the Highway Code, Practice Theory Questions and Hazard Perception Training. On the Theory Test you would need forty-three marks out of fifty to pass while on the Hazard Perception Test you would need forty-four marks out of seventy-five marks. We cover all seven hundred questions!! Our highly skilled trainers are available to help you in the subjects you are struggling in, also we offer 1 to 1 session for that extra support. Furthermore, we can watch your progress and give you targets on what to revise. Our trainers will give you hints and tips on where to revise more and when they think you are ready for the actual test. Our trainers are fully qualified and are professional, helpful staff. A step-by-step interactive training course made and presented by a fully qualified DVSA approved driving instructor. This course will guide you through the subjects with videos, audio, quizzes, and text to help you gain the right knowledge to pass your theory test. With our easy to learn formula we are here to help you pass as soon as possible. You can work at your own pace and message us anytime for any help you need. We are like no other app or driving school, you can contact us 24/7. You are not alone as you will get help from an industry professional. We will help you with your scores and support you wherever your weaknesses are.


The price for the Online Theory Test Training is £10 for 3 months access.

The price for 1 to 1 sessions is £300.

So, do you think you are ready? Are you confident that you can pass first time? This is a wonderful way for you to get ready for your theory test. For more information contact our office directly or message us through our social media.

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