Being a driving instructor can be quite stressing at times but you will experience great joy when you realise the big difference you make in a pupils life and you will be earning whilst doing this. To start your career as a driving instructor all you need is to have held a full U.K driving licence or European/ Economic driving license for at least 3 years and be over the age 21 years of age. The only other thing you need to be able to do is read a car number plate of a distance of:

  • 26.5m for vehicles with a new style number plate or
  • 27.5m for vehicles with an old style number plate.

With Pass At Once Driving School you will have the freedom and flexibility to work when and where you want. If you feel becoming a driving instructor is for you. We have highly trained driving instructor trainers who will do their utmost to get you through the 3 examinations.

So what do I need to do?

To train to be a fully qualified driving instructor you will have to pass three tests in the following order.

Part 1. Multiple choice theory test and hazard perception test:

The first test comprises of two parts. The first element is a computer based multiple choice Theory test. This like the theory test you took to pass your driving test, the only difference is you will have answer one hundred questions from which you will have to answer eighty five or more correctly to pass. The second element of the theory test is a hazard perception test. It feels a bit like a video game where you are shown fourteen video clips on a computer monitor. You will have press the computer every time you see a hazard. You will gain more marks if you spot the hazard early than if you spot it late. You have to gain at least fifty seven marks to pass this test. Again this is like the hazard perception test you took to pass your driving test. To pass part one, you have gain the pass mark in the theory and hazard perception test. Failing one part will mean retaking the theory and hazard perception test all over again. If you fail part one you may retake it as many times as you want. You will be given all the required study material to pass this examination by us. When you have revised all the study material and feel you are ready to sit the test we will give you a mock test to see if there are any parts you are weak at. If remedial training is required we will provide this along with training you on how to pass the hazard perception test.

Part 2. Driving Ability Test:

The part two is a test of your driving skills. You will be driving on different types of road whilst the examiner will be sitting in the passenger seat assessing you’re driving. Here the examiner will be assessing your driving ability just like on a normal driving test but you will only be allowed to make up to six minor faults. If you get more than six minor faults or even one serious or dangerous fault you will fail the part two driving test. Unlike the part one test where you have unlimited attempts you pass. For the part two driving test you will get a further two more attempts to retake the test. In the unlikely event you fail the test three times you will not be allowed to take any further tests. Instead you will have to start the qualifying process from part one all over again. Training for the part two driving test will involve a driving instructor trainer to assess and correct you’re driving and also go over the driving test routes with you so you have the best chance of passing the driving test.

Part 3. Instructional Ability Test:

This is the final test. It will assess your ability to teach. Here you will take the seat of the driving instructor and be seated in the passenger seat. The driving examiner will be seated in the driving seat and playing the role of pupil. This test is comprised up of two half hour tests. At the beginning of the test the examiner will brief you on what subjects he wants to be taught. These subjects are pre-set. Then you will give the examiner a lesson on the subject he has chosen. For many candidates this is the hardest part. Our diving instructor trainers have years of experience and know what the examiners want you teach them in order for you to pass the test. For this test you will be given forty hours of training by a driving instructor trainer. In these forty hours you will go through the pre-set test and you will be trained on how to deliver a proper driving lesson and how to find and correct faults. Whichever test you have to do by the examiner you will know exactly how to conduct the lesson. Once you have completed the forty hours of training, we can sponsor you; allowing you to become a trainee driving instructor. At This point you will be allowed you to teach real pupils. This will give you chance of gaining experience on how to teach driving lessons before you take the first attempt of your part three examination. Another benefit is it will give you a chance to earn some money. Like the part two test you will only be given three attempts to pass. If you don’t pass on your third attempt you will have to redo the course all over again from part one. We allow you to pay for the driving instructor training course on a pay as you go basis. So there is no big financial commitment. This takes the strain out of having to find large amounts of money to pay for the course. The whole course will be tailored to your needs so it can be done full time or part time around your current commitments.
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