Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Are you looking for driving schools in Birmingham? We know that it’s something that can present its own challenges. From the moment you start your search for Birmingham driving lessons, you realise that when it comes to driving schools Birmingham has more than its fair share. It’s no wonder, then that choosing the right driving school can in some ways be like finding a needle in a haystack. Even when you think you’ve found the perfect Birmingham driving school, you will undoubtedly have a whole range of questions you want answering before parting with your hard-earned cash to a stranger.

Picking the correct driving school is a critical choice and this will be your initial move in the correct direction. If you decide to choose PASS AT ONCE DRIVING SCHOOL, we can guarantee you that you will get “Value for Money” and organised driving lessons to suit your schedule. Your lessons will be adapted based on your current level and experience of driving. We offer a complete learning course, and we plan to make a viable learning condition for people of all levels. This is why, when it comes to finding the best driving school Birmingham has to offer, we believe we’re your number one.

We offer a complete learning course and we plan to make a viable learning condition for people of all levels.

Female DSA approved instructor Competitive prices Clash courses
Mock Tests Block bookings No hidden charges
Fast Pass Courses Automatic/manual cars Vouchers and personal cards available on request
Learn and earn around your existing job

Why should you choose us for your Birmingham driving lesson? We have many years of experience in this field. With experience comes the knowledge of what is required to make a person learn driving. How can we impart this knowledge effectively and in a shortest period? Which way of learning are new drivers comfortable with? Armed with this knowledge, we set out to create driving lessons that are exceptional in quality, rich in content and add value to money spent for learning driving. Our driving lessons are the best, if we may humbly say so.


We offer great flexibility in training you. We can train you in a place of your choice. Be it your office, home or any other location in and around Birmingham. All you need is to speak to our instructor well in advance to convey your plan. We will come to your place and train you.


Your comfort and confidence in learning driving is important to us. Due to this, we offer cars from small to slightly larger and hybrid cars for new students that come to us for training. You choose a car and we will train you in that.


All our instructors can speak multiple languages other than English. We are proficient in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali.


All our instructors are well trained, certified and have many years of experience in training people to drive a car. Our instructors are friendly in nature and will make sure your learning to drive is a fun and relaxing activity and at the same time, will track your progress to motivate you often, so that you surge ahead to make your dream come reality.


Are you looking for an intensive driving course in Birmingham? We know your time is precious. You want to learn driving but don’t have time to attend our full-length course. We understand. That’s why we have created a crash course to teach you key concepts of driving that will make you comfortably drive your car in the shortest possible time-frame. For those people who lack time, we have a crash course that they can choose.

When you opt for our crash course in Birmingham you’ll pack all your learning into just a few days or weeks. With such an intensive learning experience, you’ll have every opportunity to put your new knowledge and skills into practice on Birmingham’s roads, and build up your confidence behind the wheel quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to take your test and take to the road under your own steam. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who needs to get their licence as quickly as they can, whether for work or for personal reasons.

We offer our crash courses and intensive fast pass driving courses for both automatic and manual vehicles. It’s our mission to make sure you pass both your theory and driving test as quickly as possible so you can get out onto the road more quickly.


Our pass rate is very high. This is possible due to our exceptional driving lessons and well-trained instructors. We have many years of experience in this field and have a record of repeating high success rate year after year.


Do you need to find the best value driving lessons Birmingham has to offer? We wanted our offerings to be affordable to all. That’s why when we priced our offerings we made sure our rates are as reasonable as it can get. We understand completely how important it is these
days to be able to drive, and that’s why we want learning to be accessible to everybody, regardless of their income.
For this reason, we strive hard to not only keep our prices down, but also to give you amazing value for money so that you can enjoy the best possible learning experience at a price that you can afford. Also, when we say reasonable price, it means reasonable with absolutely no hidden charges whatsoever. We also offer great discounts if you book us early or if you do a group booking.


We believe in one to one mapping. By making one instructor focus on one student, we make sure the instructor and the student gel as a team. The student strives to learn and the instructor strives to teach. Due to this intensely focused training, the instructor will customise the training according to his student’s need, which will make learning easy for the student, resulting in a happy student and satisfied instructor.


it’s our mission to help as many people as possible learn to drive, whatever their circumstances. So, choose us, and begin your journey to independence.

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